Burn Permits

A burning permit is required for all outdoor burning.  Burning permits may be issued to the resident or to the property owner; there is no charge for the permit and it is valid for the entire calendar year.

Burn permits may be obtained at www.deltami.gov/burnpermit and will outline your responsibilities per our established ordinance regarding burning rules and regulations.  You will then receive a burning permit via return email (please ensure that you enter the correct email you would like to have the permit sent to).  Please print and/or review the permit for your records; you will need to have a current permit available for inspection should it be requested by fire department personnel (either a hard copy or an electronic copy is acceptable).  Once you have received your permit, you will be directed to call the phone number listed on your permit each day you would like to burn and a recording will inform you if burning is allowed or is not permitted that day due to current weather conditions.

Those without internet access can contact fire administration at (517) 321-6622 during normal business hours and a permit will be issued and sent via standard first-class mail.

Burning rules and regulations are strictly enforced and burning without a permit or in violation of the burning rules and regulations will result in fines ranging from $250 to $500 that will be levied by Watertown Township.

Visit the Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority Website for more information.