Waste Wizard

Type the name of a waste item at the link and the Clinton County Department of Waste Management Waste Wizard will tell you how to recycle or dispose of it.

Recycling Drop-Off

Free recycling drop-off is available at the Watertown Township Hall at 12803 S. Wacousta Road.  Granger empties the containers on a regular basis (cardboard is emptied on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; an additional container is left on Friday).  Please do not leave trash or other non-accepted items at the recycling drop-off.  Please do not leave recycling outside the bins if they are full.  The recycling bins are intended for accepted recycling items as listed below.  Items accepted at the drop-off center include the following:

  • Food and Beverage Glass — Clear and all colors of container glass, food, and beverage bottles are accepted.  Rinse clean and remove lids and metal rings.  NOT ACCEPTED: CRT glass (monitors or TV screens), plastic bags, light bulbs, window glass, mirrors, drinking glasses, cups, bowls, or plates.
  • Metal Cans and Foil — Includes tin and aluminum cans and aluminum foil and trays.  Please rinse clean and flatten.  NOT ACCEPTED:  plastic bags, paint cans, appliances, hangers, fencing, scrap metal, aerosol cans, or containers with food residue.
  • Mixed Residential Paper — Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, office paper, and junk mail are accepted. Please remove any plastic or paper bags, string and twine.  NOT ACCEPTED: plastic or paper bags, papers containing stickers, coins or plastic, or books.
  • Corrugated Cardboard, Brown Paper Bags, and Box Board — Boxes should be broken down and any other materials (Styrofoam, wood or food) should be removed.  NOT ACCEPTED: plastic, wax-coated boxes, or 6-, 12- or 24-pack beverage cases, foam, food, or liquids.
  • Plastic Bottles, Jugs, Tubs & Containers — Items should be clean and dry.  Includes bottles and jugs with narrow, threaded neck; plastic tubs (margarine, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.); microwave trays; and yogurt containers.  NOT ACCEPTED: plastic bags, paper- or wax-coated milk or juice cartons, foam containers/packaging, syringes, garden hoses/rubber, furniture, pools, toys, buckets, laundry baskets, barrels, free-flowing liquids.

Other Things to Remember

  • The recycling bins are intended for accepted recycling items as listed above.  Please do not leave trash or other non-accepted items.
  • The recycling center is CLOSED & will not be maintained during all winter weather warnings.
  • The bin for cardboard is scheduled to be emptied each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; an additional bin is left on Friday.  The plastic bin is scheduled to be emptied each Friday.  Other bins are emptied on an as-needed basis.
  • Please follow recycling guidelines closely. Putting items in the wrong container or including prohibited items slows down the recycling process and increases the cost of recycling. This includes plastic bags. Please keep all plastic bags out of the plastic containers. These items will need to be sorted out and disposed of as trash. Or many retail stores accept these bags for recycling.
  • Help keep the drop-off clean and safe. Be sure your recycling makes it into the container. Take particular care with glass, as broken glass is a danger to human safety and causes flat tires and other damage. Unattended youth have recently smashed recyclable bottles at the drop-off center. If you have any information about this or other vandalism at the drop-off center, please contact the Township Hall or local police.

Granger has provided a helpful download of recycling guidelines for the Watertown Township recycling drop-off: Recycling Drop-off Guidelines

Your assistance with these items will help keep the recycling drop-off available to our community.

Additional Recycling Opportunities

Jet ink cartridges, cell phones, and household batteries can all be placed in the recycling buckets located inside the vestibule of Watertown Charter Township offices during office hours.

For information about additional recycling opportunities within Clinton County (such as medication drop-off, Clean Community events, or mercury thermometer collection), refer to the Clinton County Department of Waste Management.

Granger Disposal Center of Lansing

The Granger Disposal Center of Lansing is located at 16500 Wood Road in Lansing.  It is open to the public for self-hauling trash and yard waste.  For hours, waste acceptance, and pricing, visit Granger's Website.

The Granger Grand River Avenue Landfill located in Watertown Charter Township is no longer open to the public for self-haul.