Payment Options

Payment Information:

The township will accept payment for your tax or utility bill by credit card, cash, ACH withdraw or direct payment, money order, bank draft, or conditionally by check.  Please make your check, money order or bank draft payable to:  Watertown Charter Township Treasurer.  Note:  When determining timely payment, postmarks will not be accepted; payment must be received by 5pm on the due date.

When paying your taxes or utility bill, please remember to return the bottom portion of your tax bill and the left side of your utility bill with payment.

Credit/Debit Card Payments:

Credit Card

As part of our commitment to provide our citizens with efficient, convenient service, the Watertown Charter Township Treasurer has partnered with Point&Pay to offer payment of property tax and utility bills online and in in person at the township office.

American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa credit and debit cards are accepted.  Note:  Point&Pay, the service provider, charges a 3% convenience fee ($2 minimum fee) for payment process.

To make a credit card payment by phone using the automated system, contact Point&Pay at (888) 891-6064, option 1.

To make a credit card payment with a live agent personal teller, contact Point&Pay at (877) 495-2729; a $5 supplemental fee will be charged by Point&Pay to speak with a personal teller.

ACH Direct Payments:

(Payment made to Township by your financial institution)

You may pay your tax and sewer bill by ACH (automated clearing house) direct payment.  Your payment will be more secure and will be posted to your account more quickly.  In most cases your payment will post in approximately two days.  Verify ACH processing time with your financial institution.  You may need to contact your financial institution for assistance when setting up the ACH payment.  The following information is necessary when establishing ACH payments:

  • Account Name:  Watertown Charter Township
  • Township Financial Institution:  The Huntington National Bank
  • Routing Number:  072403473
  • Account Number:  01388449793

ACH Withdrawal Payment:

(Payment deducted from your banking account by the Township)

Residents may have their tax/utility bills automatically deducted from their financial institution checking or savings account.   You will continue to receive a bill indicating the amount due and date of withdrawal, but the amount will be automatically deducted from the account you choose. Return your completed Tax ACH Form or Utility ACH Form to the Treasurer.

Payment by Check:

  • PAYMENT BY CHECK:  Accepted only as a conditional payment.  If not honored by the bank, taxes remain unpaid and are subject to penalties and/or interest.  The township will also assess a $35.00 fee each time a check is returned to us unpaid.  
  • PAYMENT BY E-CHECK:  When paying by E-Check, the minimum fee is $3 for checks up to $10,000.  For E-Checks over $10,000, the fee is $10.  To make an E-Check payment with a live agent personal teller, contact Point&Pay at (877) 495-2729; a $5 supplemental fee will be charged by Point&Pay to speak with a personal teller.